Imprinted Concrete

Pattern imprinted concrete is the perfect paving solution for any driveway, forecourt or patio simply because it is impervious to all of the fallbacks of other types of paving.

A concrete printed patio can be designed by you to compliment your outdoor landscape or you may want the concrete stamped to match the style of your house. The versatility of concrete is what makes a concrete patio such a great choice! A printed or stamped concrete patio can be moulded into any shape to fit your needs or creative ideas. One of the most attractive advantages to having a concrete patio is the wide range of choice. There are so many textures, colours, and stamped concrete patterns to choose from it makes choosing your patio a joy. You can choose coloured concrete, a shake on colour hardener, concrete stain, or a concrete dye. These can also be used together to create many colour variations.

Benefits of Imprinted Concrete

  • Does not fade
  • Many patterns and colours to choose from
  • Totally weed free
  • Stain resistant
  • Low maintenence

Colours and Styles

There is a huge range of different print sizes, styles and colours finishes that can be used for your Imprinted Concrete drive or patio and for the best results we recommend getting in contact with Bristol Paving to discuses our range.


Concrete is often overlooked as a potential pavement surface, mostly because of its lack of colour or interest. It is though very hard wearing and very low maintenance. By combining plain concrete with a decorative edging, such as a brick, we can make it look extremely attractive.